How To Earn Money Online From Your Website Traffic

How To Earn Money Online From Your Website Traffic

Increase your Traffic to Earn money Online:

There are many ways to increase your website traffic, from the best ways to do that PPC. PPC is an abbreviation for, PPC is advertising campaigns on the internet, in which the advertiser pays for each click on his advertisement, by this way PPC become from safest ways of advertisement on the internet unlike banners, you will just pay for the number of clicks you got on your advertisement, as traffic you get you will be able to earn money online from it.
These days, PPC ads have become something essential to the success of sites and companies, especially electronic companies like retail sites and e-commerce sites, PPC sites is very effective to bring visitors to the sites, especially visitors who interested in the product which provided by the site. It should be noted that anyone can try this kind of ads on the Google advertisements service, simply by registering on the site and use your credit card to pay, to help people who earn money online to get their profits.
When you make a new advertising campaign in search engines like Google, there are many factors that affect the price of a press on the banner, where you are speculating on certain search words you choose, and there are other advertisers speculating on the value of press on banners on these words, but also speculation only is not enough to determine the price of click, there are another factors as well, such as a link of word search with your site, this is in addition to many other factors.
Pay per press  advertising can make your site on the top, but you must learn how to use them, the main rule of PPC ''spends enough to get good rank'', you must use this rule intelligently, I will show you some advices, don't forget or neglect this rules to be able to earn money online.

Top 10 Keywords On Google to Earn Money Online:

  1. ''Insurance'', price per click = 55$.
  2. ''Mortgage''= 47$.
  3. ''Attorney''= 47$.
  4. ''Loans''= 45$.
  5. ''Claim'' = 45$
  6. ''Lawyer'' = 42$.
  7. ''Degree''= 40$.
  8. ''Donate''= 40$.
  9. ''Trading'' = 33 $.
  10. ''Hosting'' = 32$.

Advices For Those Who Speculate On These Words:

It seems a good way to earn money online? If you own pursuant close to previous words, for example, if you work in a bank, then you will need to visitors who are looking for ''loans'', it's from the most expensive words in the Google ads, therefore it's very difficult to get a good number of visitors, but if you are prepared to pay 45$ for each click! Looks great ways to earn money online, right? If you are looking for a small share of visitors with lower price, you should follow the best methods and techniques in your advertising campaigns, here are some of them:
  1. (Quality score): the high quality and coherence between your ads and your search words that you target have a significant impact on the price per click.
  2. (Be specific): don't conflicts of very general words such as ''loans", be specific even more in your choice of keywords in order to get a lower price, for example, use the word "car loans in Dubai" or "Low interest personal loans", long keywords containing 3 to 5 words called "Long tail keywords", usually it's less expensive than keywords that consists of only one word, many people target keywords like this to earn money online and work at home, no problem to use this kind of words too to earn money online.
  3. (improve your site), it's very important because you pay a large sum for one-click, you want from your visitor to buy something you sell or participate in the service you provide, so you must make your site clear and fast and contain all the information the visitor looking for, also, you must try more than shame and design for your page and compare between pages to decide, which one brings to you more subscriptions.

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